Hessonite is also knows as Garnet. The stone of self-realization, helping you to break through your limitations. It has a calming, soothing energy that activates the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, making it an excellent aid for meditation.

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What is the process to wear Hessonite (Garnet)
Garnet is a very good choice as the metal to wear on a daily basis. Garnet jewelry should be made using Silver as the main metal. Panchdhatu is also considered to be an auspicious choice for wearing. In fact, there are noted Gemologists who say that Panchdhatu should be preferred ahead of Silver and Gold.

Are your hessonite real?
All our hessonite that you see on our website is real and genuine. You will get a government approved lab certificate for every gemstone.

Can we wear Gomed in silver?

Yes you can wear Gomed in Silver. In fact all our jewellery is made to be worn with silver, gold and rose gold. Wearing Gomed jewellery is a great way to express love, faith and blessings. You can add or remove as much or as little of this magical ingredient as what you feel comfortable with.

Can we wear hessonite in left hand? 

Yes, you can wear hessonite in left hand. However, consider the shape of your hand and the way you wear your jewelry. If you have smaller hands and less chunky rings or bands, a ring in a smaller setting would look very nice on your left hand. If your hands are larger, or if you’re more inclined to wear big chunky rings and bands, it may be better for you to use your right hand.

Which Rashi should wear Gomed stone?

Gomed stones are especially recommended for the following Rashi (signs of zodiac): Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini. If your name is Moon then wear the Gomed stone. It helps in balancing the mind and helps you to overcome your weaknesses, worries and anxieties. This stone is also known for its healing properties.


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