Blue Topaz is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. It is a transparent gemstone with a wide range of beautiful blue hues. Blue Topaz comes in a variety of shades, from soft and subtle to deep and intense.

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What metal recommended for Blue Topaz?
The best recommendation for astrology purpose is Platinum and Expensive metals like Platinum, Gold or Silver.
If it is going to be used in any religious ceremonies or festivals, then it should be set in silver or gold jewelry.

What is the price of high quality Blue Topaz?
If Blue Topaz is a 6mm round brilliant cut gem, it has good color and clarity. The price of this stone is Rs. 500 / carat.

In which finger I can wear Blue Topaz?
You can wear a blue topaz ring in your middle or index finger. The color can vary from sky blue to deep sapphire, depending on the origin and cut of the stone.

Can blue topaz take heat?

Blue topaz can take heat, but should be protected from excessively high temperatures. It's important to note that all stones are different and heat can affect the color, clarity or even damage them if they're heated too high.

What is topaz a symbol of?

Blue topaz is the birthstone for December, and symbolizes loyalty, strength, faith and trust as well as good fortune.

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