Pink sapphire are in high demand due to the extremely appealing color and the excellent light reflection inherent in these stones. They have grown in demand to equal that of blue sapphires. Even the various hues of pink sapphires are in equal demand, from light baby pink to “hot,”magenta, and intense.

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Who can wear Pink Sapphire?

It is a beneficial gemstone for those people who are facing problems due to Mercury and Mars aspects. It also helps to alleviate problems related to Jupiter and Saturn aspects as well. The pink sapphire can be worn as a ring or bracelet so that it can give you mental satisfaction as well as physical health also.

Benefits of wearing Pink Sapphire?

It is well known that the people who are born under Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries zodiac signs are very lucky in life. This stone can also enhance creativity, intuition, ambition and imagination in those who wear it.

Origin of Pink sapphire? 

The Pink sapphire originates in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, two of the world's largest producers of this beautiful gemstone. The name of this gemstone is derived from the Latin word "Sapphirus".

How do I choose a pink sapphire?

A pink sapphire is the stone of compassion, sensitivity and healing. It enhances one's self-esteem and promotes emotional stability. It can remove your fear of darkness if worn as well as your fear of anything else like failure at work or home. It gives a soothing effect on the mind and arouses positive energies in it.

Are pink sapphires rare?

Yes, pink sapphires are quite a bit less rare than many other gems such as diamonds and emeralds. The reason is that they are extremely difficult to find and obtain because of the quality of their color and the quantity that is being produced.

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