In Astrology, Pearl is considered as a benefic stone which can be worn by anybody whose Moon is at a weaker position. It is basically formed as a result of irritation caused in the soft body of a mollusk. This sea animal, demulcents the stuck sand, sustains the irritation forming multiple layers of nacre until the stone is formed.

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What is Pearl?

The pearl stone is a stone of wisdom, revealing the energy of Neptune and enhancing intuition, psychic abilities and clairvoyance. The pearl brings peace to the home and family unit. Pearl stone is believed to bring luck, peace and prosperity. It helps the person who wears it to speak the truth and therefore create harmony in their lives."

Who can wear Pearl?
The Pear Gemstone can be worn by boys and girls. The stone is recommended for the people of positive thinking, who are persistent and patient by nature. The Major benefits of this gem are Tark myl and Mangal dosh.

Are your pearls real?
Every pearl is genuine and authentic, grown in either freshwater or saltwater. We source them directly from pearl farms and processors around the world. Each pearl has been through a strict selection process, ensuring only the best quality for your jewelry.

How can I be assured with the quality of your pearls?
every pearl is selected for its exceptional quality and stunning beauty. Our pearl selection process is rigorous.

What Are the benefits of Pearl?

Pearl is used to balance the mind and calm it from stress. It also helps in removing negative thoughts, assists in meditation and healing by bringing lightness of spirit. You will be surprised how the 7 colors of this stone enhance your personality.


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