4.04 Ct Natural Hessonite Gemstone

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Natural Hessonite
Weight :-4.04cts
color:-Orangish Brown
Shape:- Oval/ mixed
Dimensions :- 10.60*8.52*5.47mm
Transparency :-Transparent

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Product Description

Discover the Power and Beauty of the 4.04 Ct Natural Hessonite Gemstone

Introducing the enchanting 4.04 Ct Natural Hessonite Gemstone, a jewel that embodies the sublime fusion of nature’s artistry and mystical properties. This gemstone, with its rich, deep coloration and luminescent finish, serves not just as an ornamental stone but as a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual rejuvenation.

Crafted by the Earth and refined by expert hands, this Hessonite gemstone dazzles with its unique amber to reddish-brown hues, resembling the heart of a sunset. Its warm glow is captivating in any setting, making it a perfect centerpiece for your most cherished jewelry pieces.

But beauty is only part of the story. Hessonite, known for its connection to the celestial entity Rahu, is revered in many cultures for its ability to clear the mind, sharpen focus, and dissipate confusion. This gemstone is believed to enhance the wearer’s understanding, providing mental clarity and emotional balance, necessary for making decisions and maintaining a positive outlook.

Possessing a Hessonite gemstone is like holding a piece of the cosmos—powerful, mysterious, and timeless. The 4.04-carat weight ensures that its presence is felt, both visually and spiritually, making it a standout addition to any gem collection or artisan crafted piece.


  • Weight: 4.04 Carats
  • Appearance: Lustrous with deep amber to reddish-brown hues
  • Benefits: Enhances mental clarity, emotional balance, and decision-making
  • Ideal for: Custom jewelry setting or as a healing stone

Embrace the profound energies and transformative qualities of the 4.04 Ct Natural Hessonite Gemstone and let its timeless beauty and ancient power enrich your life.


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