The Rudraksha is named after Rudra-Siva, a Sanskrit deity associated with transcendental consciousness. In the Hindu tradition, this bead is also used to bring good fortune and ward off evil influences. The twenty mukhi rudraksha is considered most auspicious as it represents Murti – the supreme embodiment of Lord Siva. Each mukhi represents one of the serpent gods, which protects us from all human and natural calamities.

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What are the benefits of wearing 20 Mukhi Rudraksh?

One of the most prominent benefits of wearing 20 Mukhi Rudraksh is its ability to protect from all kinds of dangers, evil effects and negative energies. It also brings good health, wealth and happiness.

What is the scientific reason for wearing Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is considered to be sacred and powerful beads. They attract positive energy and help in uniting with higher consciousness, by decreasing mental and physical stress and increasing concentration power.

Does Rudraksha have Magnetic effects?

It is said that Rudrakshaśri has magnetic effects. It attracts the positive earth energy and helps satisfy the heart chakra. It can also be used to magnetize other stones as it draws prana from other sources, amplifies its power and stores it in itself.

Which country is famous for Rudraksha?

Himalayan Mountains of Nepal are the primary source of Rudraksha.

Can Rudraksha be worn in gold?

Yes, it is recommended to wear Rudraksha in gold. The gold will protect the stone from any damage, and ensures that the energies of the stone are enhanced.

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