Yellow CVD diamonds are diamonds with yellow bodycolor. The trace amount of nitrogen in its crystal structure gives this beauty its color. As you know, colorless diamonds are a form of pure carbon; however, when small amounts of nitrogen replace carbon atoms in the crystal structure, the color changes. The trace amounts of nitrogen will cause the crystal to selectively absorb blue light and transmit yellow; hence, the color. Like other colored diamonds, it is graded as Fancy outside the D to Z range. This means that it might have more colors beyond the Z master stone. Based on the GIA Colored Diamond Grading System, a yellow diamond can be any of the following—Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid. Our yellow lab-grown diamond is cut to brilliant proportions and has a color grade of G. It’s perfect for personal or professional use in earrings, pendants, and any other kind of jewelry design.

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What is a fancy yellow diamond?

A fancy yellow diamond is a diamond that has a yellow color. There are two popular colors for this type of diamond: intense yellow and fancy light yellow. The intensity of the yellow color ranges from "very light" to "light", with the more intense colors being more valuable.

Are fancy colored diamonds real?

Yes, fancy colored diamonds are real, but they are different from diamonds that are colorless. Fancy colored diamonds have a unique hue, while white diamonds and all other colors of diamonds are an absence of color.

Do yellow diamonds fade?

Yellow diamonds are, generally speaking, less expensive than white or colorless diamonds. Because of this, some people think yellow diamonds fade over time and will lose their color altogether. The good news is that yellow diamonds do not fade; they simply change in hue over time due to exposure to heat or light.

Why are yellow diamonds popular?

Yellow diamonds offer the same beauty and value as other diamond colors, but are among the most rare. They are known for their exceptional fire and brilliance, and have been a popular choice among celebrities.

Are yellow diamonds more expensive?

Yellow diamonds are often the most expensive and valuable of all the colored diamonds. The price tag is usually between $5,000 and $10,000 per carat. This is because these stones are rare and not produced in huge quantities.



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