We are manufacturers and suppliers of Round & Fancy shapes CVD & HPHT Diamonds. We have all sizes and shades available in Blue CVD Diamonds. An intense blue diamond is a strong and deep shade of blue color. These diamonds have a body-color index between 8-10. Blue CVD diamonds are grown in a lab and they have been cut, polished and certified as real diamonds. Blue CVD diamonds are among the most elegant of all colored diamond varieties. This blue diamond can be set into a ring or other jewelry and wear it every day as a part of your collection.

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Do blue diamonds fade? 

Blue diamonds are the most vivid of all colored diamonds. They are prized for their rarity and unmatched beauty. However, since blue diamonds are so rare, they can be difficult to find and expensive to purchase.

Is blue diamond a good quality?

Blue diamond is a good quality. The color of blue diamonds varies depending on the elements that cause it. For example, both colorless and pure blue diamonds are purer than colored diamonds with any other color. Collectors love blue diamonds because they combine a sense of peace and relaxing atmosphere with deep meaning.

Are blue diamonds popular?

Blue diamonds are very popular and becoming more so as the supply increases. The appeal of blue diamond jewelry is that it can be a fancy piece of art or a casual chain that goes with just about anything you would want to wear.

Is blue diamond more expensive?

In general, color is the most expensive part of any diamond. The blue diamond is not necessarily the most expensive diamond in the world, but it can be quite expensive depending on its color and clarity.

Which blue diamond is best?

This is the question that almost everyone asks when looking for a blue diamond. Well, there isn't one single blue diamond that is better than all others because each one has its own unique characteristics and individual beauty.

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