Looking for the ultimate in modern luxury? Then look no further than our stunning long cushion cut lab grown HPHT diamond. These lab-grown are cut just like real diamonds, but they’re formed in a laboratory rather than nature. Take advantage of the unique, asymmetrical appearance of lab grown HPHT diamonds without breaking the bank. A long cushion cut diamond offers a unique and feminine look.

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What is most important for cushion cut diamond?

The most important feature of a cushion cut diamond is its color. A high quality cushion cut will have little or no color or tint. This means that it is possible to find cushion-cut diamonds that can be mistaken for the very best white diamonds.

Why choose a cushion cut diamond?

The cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes in the world. A cushion cut is a better choice for those that want a bold ring to match their sparkling personality, with a round side profile that adds beauty to any finger.

Are cushion diamonds good?

Cushion-shaped diamonds have a rounded appearance and come in a range of shapes. The shape is the most popular shape for diamonds due to its versatility and flexibility in design.

Are cushion diamonds more expensive?

Yes, cushion-cut diamonds are more expensive. The cushion-cut diamond is most recognized for its bright look and vibrant light and has a lower concentration of flaws in its structure that affect the performance of the stone. A higher level of quality will be achieved when cutting a cushion-cut diamond.

Do cushion diamonds look bigger?

Cushion diamonds are popular because they have a unique 3-dimensional look that’s both elegant and modern.

Is cushion cut a trendy?

Cushion cut is a trendy at the moment to the extent that it’s been trending for almost two years. However, it does seem that people are moving away from it as ring cuts and princess cuts take over.

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