This gold bracelet is made of quality gold, with precious and semi-precious stones. The bracelet has a timeless and elegant design that will match any outfit you choose. The elasticity of the design ensures it will comfortably fit most wrist sizes. This beautiful gold bracelet is made with semi precious stone, making it perfect for everyday wear. The precious stone qualities including attractive color, durability, rarity, and beauty are said to promote good fortune and love.

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Which wrist should I wear a gold bracelet?
The left wrist is the accepted place for a gold bracelet – but there is no hard and fast rule. In some countries, the right wrist is considered more appropriate, while in others it is worn on both wrists.
Why do Indians wear bracelets?
In India, wearing bangles is a sign of happiness, prosperity and fertility. As a traditional symbol, Indian women wear bangles every day. They are also used as adornment at weddings, festivals and other religious occasions.
Which gold is best 22K or 24K price?
The price of 22K and 24K gold is the same. 24K is more pure gold than 22K. So if it's value you're looking to add to your jewelry, choose 24K over 22K.
Is gold lucky to wear?
Wearing gold is lucky, but luckiness is not tied to the value of jewelry. The most expensive piece of gold jewelry can be worn to increase luck and fortune for those who wear it.

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