Ganesha Rudraksha is the Rudraksha that is believed to have the image of Ganesha, the elephant headed God. Ganesha means Lord of the Multitudes and it represents wisdom, wealth and knowledge. It is said that this gem blessed by Lord Shiva is meant for businessmen and businessmen who wear this rudraksha will earn more.

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Which Rudraksha is for Ganesha?

The Rudraksha beads for Ganesha are those which bring the wearer prosperity and peace. The most auspicious Rudraksha for Ganesha is the Mani Rudraksha. The Rudraksha that looks like a chickpea-sized bead, is associated with Lord Ganesh’s father, Lord Shiva.

How to identify Ganesh Rudraksha?

The Ganesh Rudraksha is a type of large bead that contains a complete thumbprint in it. The thumbprints are believed by Hindus to be Ganesh’s, who is the remover of obstacles, who wears on his fingers an amulet called the rudraksha.

Who can wear Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha?

A person who is looking for something that can bring happiness, peace and prosperity in his life can wear Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha. This is one of the best and most auspicious Rudraksh to be worn by a person who wants to be protected from all sorts of evil eyes.

What is the price of real Ganesh Rudraksha?

The price of real Ganesh Rudraksha is depends upon the kind of GANESH RUDRAKSHA, which you need. We can say that a particular kind of Ganesh Rudraksha has its own price. For example you have to pay 15000/- for Pashupati Nisi and Periyali, 11000/- for Lavanga Malya, 8500/- for Shukra Pasha, 7500/- for Bhogamukha, 6000/- for Tejomaya, 5000/- for Chandrakanta, 4000/- for Parasurama.

What is the benefit of 5 face Ganesh Rudraksha?

The 5 faced Rudraksha has many more benefits like purifying the mind and making it calm, improving one’s disposition and behavior. It also helps in calming anxiety and stress related problems. The Rudraksha is known to generate happiness in the mind of those who wear them. Wearing this Rudraksha will make you more compassionate towards fellow beings helping you cultivate loving kindness and compassion towards others.

Which Rudraksha is better to wear?

Ganesha Rudraksha is very popular among the devotees of Lord Ganesha. The beads are 5 mm in size and made from the seed of a slow grown Rudraksh tree. It is believed that Ganesha Rudraksha bestows luck with good health, wealth and prosperity.

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