A modern take on a classic shape, the oval lab grown diamond allows you to perfectly accent your unique sense of style. Our oval-shaped lab grown HPHT diamond is a gorgeous piece that adds sparkle to any ring. Its unique shape makes it perfect for any occasion. This beautiful oval shape lab grown HPHT diamond is perfect for an engagement ring, anniversary gift or simply to add more sparkle to your life.

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Is oval a good diamond shape?

Oval is a popular diamond shape in engagement rings. Oval is that classic feminine shape that, when well cut, can create a brilliant and unique sparkle, radiating from the center of the gem to the edges.

Why choose an oval diamond?

Oval diamonds are a bit different than traditional round or emerald cut diamonds as they have both a larger surface area than round diamonds and can display a higher degree of brilliance due to the fact that they are not set with cutting angles in mind.

What are some facts about oval diamonds?

Oval diamonds are widely renowned for their versatility and timeless aesthetic. The elegant shape results in a rarity of weight loss and can be appropriately worn in all settings.

What does an oval diamond say about you?

An oval diamond with a high crown and low pavilion is a style that oozes sophistication and understated opulence.

Are oval diamonds rare?

Yes, oval diamonds are rare. Because of its unique shape, an oval diamond will be even more valuable than a round diamond with the same carat weight and color.

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