The princess cut (also known as a “squared” shape) is an excellent shape for a diamond. It creates a beautiful appearance, with plenty of sparkle and brilliance. If you are looking for larger diamonds or an engagement ring, then choose a princess cut diamond in any size from Colorless to Fancy Vivid. The Princess Cut lab grown cvd diamond is a classic, classy style that you can use to create stunning rings, necklaces and earrings.

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What is special about princess cut diamonds?

Princess cut diamonds are comprised of many small facets, increasing their brilliance and fire. They can be used as a substitute for rounds or emerald cut diamonds.

How popular is princess cut diamond?

Princess cut diamond is the preferred shape but there are a few other popular cuts, round brilliant, cushion and emerald cuts.

How do I choose the best princess cut diamond?

When choosing a princess cut diamond, you want to make sure it has the highest quality.

What is most important in a princess cut diamond?

Princess cuts are more brilliant than other shapes, and their brilliance makes them one of the most beautiful diamonds you can choose. The most common color for a princess-cut diamond is rated F to G.

What is the personality of princess cut?

The princess cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes in diamond jewelry. The name is derived from its square and rectangular shape that resembles a princess's crown.

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