The perfect lab-grown diamond for someone who wants something different. The baguette cut sends light shooting out of the top, which is why it’s called a “wedding cut”. Baguette cut lab grown cvd diamond is new and unique. A baguette cut diamond has a rectangular shape and is typically used for ring setting or pendant. The baguettes are commonly seen in diamond ring designs as they are eye-catching and dazzling.

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What shape diamond is a baguette?

A baguette diamond is a square-shaped, elongated diamond. The baguette has a rectangular shape with both of its sides longer than the width. It is cut with straight edges and rounded corners.

Are baguette diamonds more expensive?

Baguette diamonds are more expensive because they have a higher light return and smaller facets, giving them a more brilliant cut.

Are baguette diamonds good quality?

Baguette diamonds are known for their high brilliance, durability, and stain resistance. They are generally more affordable than standard round brilliant cut diamonds and therefore an ideal choice for those looking for a larger carat size.

Is baguette diamond a real diamond?

Baguette is a diamond that exhibits a square shape. The gemstone usually has a width of 2mm on each side.

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