This divine gemstone belongs to the Corundum family, featuring vibrant pinkish or red-colored shades that look incredibly beautiful. It is also known as Manik Ratna and is regarded as the King of Gemstones for its mystic powers. The Manik gemstone represents the Sun, the creator, and is said to have many benefits. Ruby reflects the powerful spirit of the Sun in our life.

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What happens after wearing ruby gemstone?

Ruby is the gemstone of warriors and royalty, which means it will bring you courage, power and protection. Ruby also gives you energy and emotional balance, while increasing your spiritual growth.

Which finger to wear Ruby?

The ring finger is known to be the heart or love finger. It is the middle finger between the pointer and pinkie fingers of your right hand, and if you wear a ruby on this finger it will help in creating passion and love in your life as well as helping to attract someone special into your life.

Which place ruby is best?

The most sought after stones come from Burma or Thailand, known as "pigeon's blood" or "pigeon's blood red" when heated. Stones from other countries have been heated at various temperatures to reveal the desired hue without changing clarity too much. Some even mix a little copper oxide with a lower temperature heating process to give them just a touch of blue.

What does ruby symbolize in India?

Ruby is known as the king of all gemstones. It's considered the most precious gemstone and considered the most powerful gemstone to wear in India because it has many excellent benefits. Wearing a ruby is believed to fulfill wishes and increase wealth, fame, wellbeing and love life.

What powers do rubies have?

Ruby is one of the most precious and powerful gems, known for its healing energies, as well as its ability to increase ones own vitality and personal power. Ruby has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, but especially in rituals and spells that call upon love and passion or strengthen one's psychic abilities.

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