An Asscher cut diamond is a square shaped diamond with deep, visible facets and clean lines. The firmness of an Asscher shaped diamond makes it great for everyday wear as well as investments. An Asscher Cut diamond is an old and very rare diamond cut that creates a unique look. It has large, rounded square facets that have been cut into the girdle of the diamond.

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Are Asscher diamonds more expensive?

In general, yes. Asscher cut diamonds are more expensive than their emerald cut counterparts. The cut of a diamond is essential to determine its overall value — it’s what makes one diamond different from another.


What is special about Asscher cut diamond?

The Asscher cut diamond is a square step cut that offers an excellent sparkle and life. Its geometric shape is created using precise angles and precise measurement, making it one of the finest shapes for engagement rings.

What is an Asscher shaped diamond?
An Asscher shaped diamond is square-shaped with eight steep and even sides. It has a single cut that offers high brilliance and light return. An Asscher-cut diamond is typically between 1.00-1.04 carats in weight, with a table size of approximately 30% to 40% of the total stone size.
What is the least expensive diamond cut?
The most expensive diamond cuts are the round brilliant and princess cut. The least expensive diamond is a "baguette" or rectangular shape.

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