Citrine was once known as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ because it was believed to help attract wealth, success and good fortune to business owners. A bright and cheerful stone, citrine is the most highly energized member of the quartz family and can similarly increase levels of energy and enthusiasm. Wearing Citrine brings stability, security and patience to its owners.

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What intentions should I set on citrine?

Citrine is a good stone to use when you’re motivated to find success in the world, boost your energy and feel confident.

Can citrine be worn everyday?

Yes it can. It is a very powerful stone that can help you to feel more energized, increases self-confidence and helps you to gain success. Citrine is an energy worker, so you can wear it everyday.

What is citrine also known as?

Citrine is known as the "merchant's stone" because it stimulates optimism and creativity, helping people to make better business decisions. It also encourages decisiveness and self-confidence.

Can I wear citrine ring in left hand?

Citrine stone is the symbol of love. Some people also believe that this stone can bring luck and happiness. Therefore, I think it's okay to wear citrine ring in left hand but you have to pay attention if some people will feel uncomfortable around you if they know you are wearing that kind of jewelry.

Can I wear citrine around my neck?

Usually, the best way of wearing a citrine is as a pendant. It will give you strength and courage because of the energy which comes from the sun in the center of your solar plexus chakra.


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