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Is pink diamond rare?

Pink diamonds are a rarer type of gemstone and are also extremely popular with collectors. Unlike "normal" diamonds which are colorless, pink diamonds come to life with bright pinks, reds, and hints of other colors.

Which is the rarest diamond?

The rarest diamond is the aqua regia, a rare colourless variety of diamond that appears blue. These diamonds are extremely rare and can only be found in the world's deepest mines.

What is the value of pink diamond?

The value of pink diamonds is usually 200% higher than the value of a colorless diamond of similar carat size.

Do pink diamonds fade?

Pink diamonds do not fade, they come in various shades of pink. Some are nearly red while others are very light in color. The reason they are called pink is because they have a pink tint to them created by the natural chromium that makes up the crystal structure within the stone.

How do I choose a pink diamond?

The most important step to choosing a diamond is making sure that the diamond is certified. The report will include basic data such as the necessary measurements, color grades and carat weight, clarity grade (if applicable), polish and symmetry ratings, fluorescence reading, reviews by anonymous experts on characteristics like depth and weight percentages of color in relation to its total carat weight.

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