There is nothing quite as cheerful and breathtaking as a stunning yellow sapphire. Their bright, crisp brilliance sparkles endlessly and is growing in popularity alongside pink sapphires. Yellow sapphires are a variety of corundum, just like ruby and blue sapphire. The stone is traditionally given as a symbol of love, faithfulness, and loyalty.

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Who Should not wear Yellow Sapphire?
This gemstone should be avoided by persons of the following birth signs - Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo.

What happens after wearing yellow sapphire?
It has good powers to remove the bad effects of Saturn. Wearing yellow sapphire protects you from all kinds of problems related to your health, long life and prosperity.

How fast does Pukhraj work?
Pukhraj is a stone of Jupiter, which is considered to be very strong and powerful. It has been said that if a person wears Pukhraj then it will help him or her in eliminating all sorts of negative energies from their lives.

How long Pukhraj can be worn?
Pukhraj are worn for a specific time period and then got removed and placed in an earthen pot. If pukhraj is kept on for more than the recommended period, it is likely to cause harm.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphires are recognized as being the bearers of wisdom and prosperity. They play a major role in Vedic Astrology, which proscribes good luck and good energy. They are often considered to be the "Hope Stone" because they are said to bring good luck, health, happiness and prosperity.

Yellow sapphire Origin?

The Yellow sapphire originates in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, two of the world's largest producers of this beautiful gemstone. Yellow sapphires frequently have fewer inclusions than other colors. They are held to higher clarity standards than blue and pink sapphires.


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