A great gift, this gemstone stud pendent is sure to please your loved ones. This sterling silver gemstone stud pendent is beautiful and delicate, with a timeless design. Pair with a favorite choker chain or wear alone for a simple, elegant statement piece that can be layered with other jewels. A delicate yet bold look, our new stud pendent features a one-of-a-kind stone. A perfect blend of elegant, stylish and minimalist design.

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Do gemstones work in pendant?

Gemstones are very powerful, providing the wearer with several benefits including protection and healing. In addition, they are often thought to aid in attracting love, prosperity and luck. By wearing a gemstone pendant, you can tap into these powers.

How do you wear a gem pendant?

You can wear a gem pendant anywhere on your body! Try placing it over your collarbone or on your wrists, or wear it as a pair with two necklaces for a layered look.

What is the difference between a pendant?

The difference between a pendant and a necklace is that, the pendant hangs from a chain that is attached to it and it drapes around the neck, whereas a necklace has no chain attached to it.

Is a pendant a charm?

A pendant is a piece of jewelry, usually dangling from a chain or ribbon. It may contain a gem, emblem or symbol. One common use of pendants is as religious symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Which type of pendant is best?

Pendants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some are round, oval or a more complex shape. A pendant can be as simple as one diamond or pearl, or as elaborate as you like with diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

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