White coral gemstone is a stone that represents the Moon. The white color is symbolic of purity and innocence, which can be attributed to its association with the moon and women. These stones are worn to promote fertility, maintain the skin’s beauty, control baldness and stimulate hair growth. It helps people to eliminate all negative energy and thoughts that come from themselves, others or from other places.

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Who should wear white coral gemstone?

White coral gemstone is the stone of virgins and pure souls. It helps the wearer to live a peaceful and content life with the power to bring out his or her inner strengths and capabilities. It also increases the energy levels and improves concentration and focus on all aspects of life, especially when it comes to your work.

Can coral be worn in silver?

Yes, it can. Coral is a mineral that is found near the seashore and on tropical sea coasts. Because of its fluorescent property, coral jewelry is prized by many. Because corals are so heat sensitive, they may feel warm to the wearer after a few hours and need to be removed if you experience any irritation or sensitivity to sunlight or dehydration.

Which finger is best for coral?

The best finger for coral is the ring finger. The reason being is that your thumb and index finger are the most used fingers on your hand so those two fingers would cause much more damage.

What is white coral good for?

White coral is good for healing bones, keeping skin clean and soft and for purifying blood. It also helps alleviate pain in the joints, improves blood circulation and helps maintain it.



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