Your search for the perfect lab grown HPHT diamond has come to an end. Our heart shape lab grown HPHT diamonds come with a certificate and are guaranteed to be 100% conflict free. Heart shape lab grown HPHT diamond is a cut, one of the rarest and most beautiful cuts of diamond. The gorgeous heart shaped lab diamond is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life or perhaps even yourself. Make an unforgettable proposal with our heart shape lab-grown HPHT diamond.

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How do you choose a heart shape diamond?

The heart shape diamond is a very popular shape, as it offers a beautiful and delicate look that can sparkle perfectly when set in a ring. Because of its unique shape, there are some considerations to take into account when buying this particular stone.

What does a heart shaped diamond represent?

The heart is the most popular shape for diamond rings, representing love and loyalty.

Do heart shaped diamonds sparkle?

Yes, heart shaped diamonds sparkle just as much as other shapes. Heart shaped diamonds are extremely popular precisely because they do sparkle so beautifully.

Is heart shape diamond good?

Yes, heart shape diamond is good. But all heart shape diamond are different because of their own unique natural characteristics. The value of a heart shape diamond is based on the purity and cut of the stone, as well as its color and clarity.

What is the origin of heart shape?

The heart shape has a long history and is used by multiple cultures. While some believe the origins to be ancient, most historians agree that it began with an illustration in 12th-century manuscripts.

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