The cats eye stone is a metaphysical stone that has been used for protection in many cultures and religions. It is also called the “Eye of the Tiger” because of its resemblance to the eye of that animal, who is known for being strong, powerful and protective. Cats Eye brings light into the darkness. It supports emotional balance, strength, prosperity and good luck. Cats Eye can bring confidence and success in trade or negotiations.

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When should I wear cats eye stone?

Cats eye stone is a powerful amulet with protection, luck and fortune. It can bring you protection against the evil eye or give you courage in difficult times. Good for career luck too.

Which metal is good for cats eye stone?

The best metal for cats eye stone is silver and gold. The reason for this is that cats eye is a quartz, which has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Copper and brass are softer than silver, but they won’t cause harm to your stone if you don’t choose to wear it.

Which finger is best for cats eye?

In general, the index finger is the best finger to use for cats eye. The first two phalanges on the index finger are nimble and can bend easily- perfect for cats eye! Another option is to use a small stick instead of your own finger, which is what I prefer.

What is cats eye Stone good for?

Cats eye stones are believed to naturally help the human aura, and have been used for their spiritual properties. They are believed to have the power of protection and enhance ones intuition. They are also said to be a great energy stone for those who work with psychic energy and magic, as they stimulate brain activity and increase focus. Because of their name, cats eyes are often incorporated into amulets worn by those who work at night or in dark places.

What is the benefits of Ketu stone?

Cats eye is the most powerful protection stone. It protects from evil, negativity, and psychic attacks. Cats eye can strengthen your psychic abilities and helps to recognize them correctly.

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