16 mukhi nepali rudraksha is the powerful two-pointed trishul with an infinite number of serrated edges, used by Lord Shiva to slice and dice demons. The prayers of Lord Shiva are addressed to this weapon as well as a unique type of bead. This is due to the belief that the number of mukhi beads adorning this bead represents exactly 16, which is why it’s commonly known as a 16 mukhi rudraksha. This gem is known to increase prosperity, power and self control. Nepali 16 mukhi rudraksha is known to increase the longevity and also it will help to lead a happy life. It also enhances your general health, has the power of removing evil effects, and gives happiness and prosperity to your life.

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What are the astrological benefits of 16 Mukhi Rudraksha?

16 Mukhi Rudraksha is a very rare gem in this world. It brings immense benefits for its wearer. This is one of the best rudrakshas used by the astrologers and well-known personalities in India. It is said that wearing 16 Mukhi Rudraksha on your hand you will get rid of all miseries, troubles and various problems occurring in your life.

What are the restrictions after wearing Rudraksha?

Please please please do not wear Rudraksha in the mouth. The red spot of the Rudraksha will heal but the holes that are drilled above it can increase if they get infected or get dry.

How do I know if my Rudraksha is working?

There are many ways to tell if your Rudraksha is working. You can check the beads for any deformities, or extreme discoloration. The beads should be able to roll between two fingers smoothly and evenly across their length.

Can others touch my Rudraksha?

The answer is a definite NO. Only you can touch your own Rudraksha mala and worshipping it in the right manner. Don’t extend beyond your self.

What mantra to recite before wearing Rudraksha?

The mantra to recite before wearing Rudraksha is "Om Rasayanaaya Namah". This mantra has been written on the Rudraksha in most cases.

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