6 mukhi rudraksha is the most powerful and universal rudraksha that grants you success in every sphere of your life. It is a favorite among the millions of us because of its simplicity in making its users feel stronger, more confident and happy. 6 mukhi nepal rudraksha semiprecious beads. 6 mukhi rudraksha has great significance and powers. which gives immense strength and protection to the wearer. It is also known as the “Shiva Rudraksha”.

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Can I wear 6 Mukhi and 7 Mukhi Rudraksha together?

The answer is yes, but it is not advisable to wear 6 mukhi and 7 Mukhi together. Instead of wearing both rudraksha, which have opposing results can be used at a time. If you are planning to use both Rudraksha in one day then start with 7 Mukhi first and then with 6 Mukhi.

Should Rudraksha touch body?

Yes. It is generally recommended that Rudraksha be worn in a Rudraksh Mala attached to a thread or chain, with one bead between the neck loop and the first bead of the Mala.

Why do I feel dizzy after wearing Rudraksha?

Feeling dizzy after wearing Rudraksha is a very common symptom. Rudraksha has a strong negative ionic effect and hence when worn it has the tendency to create more negative ions which can open up the blood vessels and increase blood flow in your body. This may lead to feeling lightheaded or dizzy but try wearing those rudrakshas which are recommended by your guru priest only.

Is there any rules to wear Rudraksha?

There are hardly any rules to follow for the wearing of Rudraksha. However, it has been known that Rudraksha beads should not be worn by people who are unhealthy. A sick person will not be able to derive any benefits from wearing beads made of Rudraksha. In this case, it is better to avoid these beads as far as possible and be on medication instead.

Can others touch my Rudraksha?

It is said that the touch of Rudraksha should not be allowed by others as it has a special power and by touching it, the speciality may be lost.

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