3.65 CT Radiant Yellow Gemstone

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Natural Yellow sapphire
Shape and cut :Oval/mixed
Weight : 3.65 carat
Measurement :11.07×7.87×3.90 mm
Color : Yellow
Transparency : Transparent

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Product Description:

Sunlit Elegance: Our 3.65 CT Radiant Yellow Gemstone

Step into the limelight with our 3.65 carat natural yellow gemstone, a beacon of impeccable elegance and warmth that embodies the very essence of the sun’s rays. With a cut that maximizes its fiery brilliance and a shade of yellow that echoes the zest of life, this jewel offers beauty that is both timeless and energizing.

Perfect in proportion and exuding charm, the 3.65 carat weight makes this gemstone a versatile choice. It is the ideal centerpiece for a delicate yet impactful engagement ring or a sophisticated pendant that whispers class with every trace of light it catches.

Revered for their ability to harness the qualities of happiness, intellect, and prosperity, yellow gemstones are known to impart a sense of optimism and creative stimulation. This particular 3.65 CT stone, with its vibrant and sunny disposition, brings forth these benefits in abundance, encouraging a life lived with vitality and a perspective that looks ever toward the positive.

Adorning yourself with our 3.65 carat natural yellow gemstone is an expression of joy and an investment in your aura of confidence. It is not just a gem; it’s a touchstone for those aspiring to a life rich with achievements and illuminated by the light of success.


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