Natural Opal 5.20 CT – A Symphony of Colors

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Natural Opal
Shape and cut : oval / Mixed
Weight : 5.20 carat
Measurement :15.95×11.86×4.13mm
Color :Creamy white
Transparency : Opaque

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Step into a world where color comes alive with our Natural Opal, weighing a remarkable 5.20 carats. This gemstone is a celebration of light, displaying a captivating dance of rainbow hues that shimmer and shift with every movement, exemplifying the true beauty of nature’s artistry.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Spectrum Display: Admire the opal’s dynamic play-of-color, where ethereal flashes of greens, blues, reds, and golds meld beautifully, offering a visual experience akin to the sky’s most breathtaking sunsets.
  • Perfect Proportions: The 5.20 carat weight provides substantial size yet maintains an elegance that is ideal for both bold statement pieces and sophisticated daily wear.
  • Versatile Elegance: This gemstone is a designer’s delight, offering versatility in jewelry design from contemporary minimalist styles to the more intricate and traditional settings, ensuring timeless appeal.
  • Healing and Creativity Enhancement: Often associated with stimulating originality and creativity, opals are also known for their therapeutic properties, infusing peace and calm to those who wear them.

Offering more than just beauty, our Natural Opal 5.20 CT is a testament to the harmonious balance between luxury and practicality, making it a quintessential choice for anyone seeking to enhance their jewelry collection with a touch of mesmerizing charm.


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