Infinite Azure: Natural Sapphire 7.09 CT

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Natural Sapphire
Shape and cut : Rectangular / Mixed
Weight :7.09 carat
Measurement :12.90×9.47×4.97mm
Color :Blue
Transparency : Semi transparent

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Embark on a love affair with the sublime blue of our Natural Sapphire, a spectacular gemstone weighing a magnificent 7.09 carats. This sapphire’s enchanting azure captures the essence of the heavens, bringing the wearer a slice of celestial grace. As a symbol of wisdom and nobility, each glance at its deep, mesmerizing hue is an invitation to indulge in unparalleled luxury.

Key Features:

  • Heavenly Blue Brilliance: The rich and deeply saturated blue whispers of oceanic depths and skies at twilight, providing an instant aura of elegance and sophistication for its bearer.
  • Substantial Carat Elegance: The generous 7.09 carat size ensures a striking presence, making it an ideal centerpiece that radiates with unwavering grace in any jewelry setting.
  • Durability for Eternity: Renowned for its remarkable hardness and durability, this sapphire is a lasting emblem of the commitments you hold dear, perfect for engagement rings or anniversary gifts.
  • Beneficial Qualities: Sapphires are thought to bring spiritual insight, mental clarity, and healing, attributes that enrich the natural beauty of the stone with profound personal benefits for the wearer.

Invest in timeless beauty and inner prosperity with our Natural Sapphire 7.09 CT gemstone, a quintessential expression of classic refinement that endures as much as it enchants.



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