Natural orange 8.40 carat Akik stone GII India certified

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The 8.40 carat Akik stone is a rare and beautiful stone from the mines of Afghanistan, it’s one of the largest natural Sulemani Akik stones ever mined! The 8.40 Carat Natural Sulemani Akik Gemstone is a durable stone, with a Mohs Scale rating of 8-9. It’s resistant to heat and chemicals, so you can wear it every day without worrying about damage. The Sulemani Akik is a deep blue-green color, with a refractive index of 1.72-1.75 and an attractive shape. The stone’s proportions are excellent, which means the length and width are in harmony with each other.

The value of a gemstone is determined by the grading process, which includes color, clarity and cut. The 8.40 Carat Natural Sulemani Akik Gemstone has a rare dark blue color with high clarity and good cut.

The 8.40 Carat Natural Sulemani Akik Gemstone is a geometric shape with an intense color range. It can be used to create pieces that are bold and striking, or subtle and understated. The gemstone’s green shades are particularly beautiful when paired with gold or yellow metals, while blue and brown make for a more interesting contrast against silver or white metal designs.

Care and Maintenance

  • Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended for this gemstone.
  • Soap and water is the best way to clean your sulemani akik gemstone.
  • A soft brush can be used if needed, but avoid using anything abrasive on your gemstone as it may scratch or damage its surface.

The Sulemani Akik gemstone is a natural 8.40 carat, greenish-yellow diamond discovered in India in the early 1900s. It was named after its original owner, Suleiman Khan, who was an Indian prince and a friend of Queen Victoria. The stone has been used by Egyptians as far back as 1300 B.C., Hindus during the Mahabharata period (500 B.C.), and Romans during their conquest of Britain (50 A.D.).

The Sulemani Akik is a rare and beautiful ruby that was discovered in Afghanistan in the early 1900s. It’s believed to have been mined by King Solomon himself, who used it as a talisman of power and wealth. The stone has been rumored to have healing powers as well, but these claims are not substantiated by any scientific evidence.
The most famous legend surrounding this gemstone tells of how it was used by kings and queens throughout history–even today’s royals still wear them!

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GII India

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7Cts to 10Cts

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