8.39 Carat Certified Natural Yellow Topaz Gemstone


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The Yellow Topaz Gemstone is a beautiful stone that has been used for thousands of years. It’s believed to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to the wearer.
Yellow Topaz Gemstones are mined in Brazil, India, Madagascar and Pakistan.

The physical properties of the gemstone are as follows:

  • Color: The color of this gemstone is yellow. It has a warm, golden glow that’s similar to the sun’s rays.
  • Clarity: This gemstone has a clarity rating (very very slightly included). This means that there are only a few small inclusions visible under 10x magnification.
  • Cut: The cut is round brilliant cut which gives off maximum sparkle! You can see how beautiful it looks by looking at our pictures below!
  • Carat Weight: 8.39 carats total weight with no additional treatments done to them other than cutting into shapes like hearts or ovals etc..

The chemical composition of this gemstone is SiO2, or silica dioxide. This means that it is a mineral with a chemical formula consisting of silicon and oxygen atoms. The origin of this stone is Brazil and it has been cut into an octahedron shape by hand. Its structure is hexagonal, which means that there are six faces on each side and eight vertices (or corners). It also has a Mohs hardness rating of 8-9 out of 10, making it very durable!

Healing Properties

  • Psychological
    Yellow Topaz is a stone that brings clarity and enhances the mind. It helps you to think clearly and make decisions with confidence. Yellow Topaz can help you to overcome negative thinking patterns, allowing you to see the positive side of things in life. And then Yellow Topaz also encourages optimism, making it easier for you to look forward rather than back at past mistakes or failures.
  • Physical
    The healing properties of yellow topaz include boosting immunity, strengthening bones and muscles, improving eyesight (especially night vision), detoxification of the body by removing toxins through urine/stool excretion or sweating during exercise/workout sessions etc., reduction in blood pressure levels due to reduced stress levels after wearing this is regularly over time period ranging from few weeks up until months depending on how much time one spends wearing jewelry made out from natural materials like wood or stones instead plastic materials which cannot be recycled easily unlike metals like gold & silver etc..

Additional information

Certificate Type


Stone Type

Yellow Topaz

Stone Shape


Stone Weight

7Cts to 10Cts

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Sri Lanka


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Which Topaz shape is best for Astrology?
The oval, or intense, shape is ideal for the more aggressive personalities in life. The deep yellow color is a reflection of Earth and signifies ones work ethic, while the smooth texture serves as a reminder to be gentle with oneself.

What metal recomment for Topaz Ring?
"For a beautiful, bold and classic look, topaz is the perfect choice. This stone will last forever and can be worn with almost any jewelry whether it is silver or gold."

Are all Yellow Topaz is real in you website?
We sell natural and real yellow topaz. We put our gems through a professional testing company to verify its characteristics. You can have confidence in purchasing from us because we stand behind our products 100%.

Who can wear Yellow Topaz?

Anyone who has a joyous and positive outlook on life can wear Yellow Topaz. Yellow Topaz gemstone astrology is best suited to people born under the month of April. If you fall in this category, Yellow Topaz can do wonders for you. It will bring positivity and energy back in your life and make you happy once again. You will be able to achieve your goals in life with the help of Yellow Topaz.

Benefits of Yellow Topaz?

Yellow topaz is an amazingly beautiful gemstone. Not only does it sparkle and shine like not other but it also has powerful healing properties that can help heal many different issues and conditions. Yellow topaz also can be used to create amazing and beautiful jewelry. Yellow Topaz brings prosperity, good fortune and abundance to those who wear or carry it around them. Yellow topaz is the stone of love, friendship and loyalty. It is also known to stimulate creativity, joy and acceptance.