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Yellow Topaz Stone is a gemstone that has been valued for thousands of years. It is believed to have healing properties, and it was thought to bring good luck when worn by people who were sick or injured. In ancient Egypt, topaz was used as an amulet against evil spirits and disease. The Greeks believed that wearing topaz on your left hand would make you invisible when you wanted to spy on someone without being noticed–and this belief persists today!
Topazes come in many colors: yellow, orange-yellow (fancy), brownish yellow (fancy), pinkish red (fancy) and colorless (gem). They are found all over the world but especially in Brazil; Sri Lanka; Pakistan; Madagascar; Nigeria; Mexico; USA (Arizona); Russia & Zimbabwe

Natural yellow topaz is a rare and beautiful gemstone. The color is unique, and the rarity of natural yellow topaz makes it even more special.
Natural yellow topaz is found in Brazil, Pakistan and Nigeria. It has been mined since ancient times because it was so highly prized by people around the world.

The 8.53 Carat Natural Yellow Topaz is a stunning gemstone that has been given a name that’s as impressive as its size and color. The stone has been cut into an oval shape with very good proportions, which means it will look great in any setting you choose for it.
The 8.53 Carat Natural Yellow Topaz is also known for its beautiful shade of yellow–it’s one of the most vibrant yellows you’ll see!

The 8.53 carat Yellow Topaz Stone is a symbol of loyalty, friendship and trust. It also represents the sun’s warmth and energy that brings life to all things on earth. The gemstone also signifies love, happiness and prosperity because it’s associated with the sun god in Hinduism.
In addition to its symbolism, this remarkable stone has been prized for its beauty since ancient times. In fact, King Solomon once wore an 8-carat yellow topaz in his crown!

The 8.53 Carat Natural Yellow Topaz is a stunning gemstone that has been around for centuries. It was originally mined in Brazil, but it’s now found in several different countries around the world.
The 8.53 Carat Natural Yellow Topaz has had many owners throughout history, including King Louis XIV of France and Queen Victoria of England. The stone has also appeared on coins as far back as 1719!

The 8.53 Carat Natural Yellow Topaz is a rare gemstone that has been valued for its beauty, value and significance. The stone is said to bring good luck and happiness to its owner. It also symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty in relationships. The 8.53 Carat Natural Yellow Topaz can be used as an excellent gift for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays among others because it represents the importance of family ties in our lives today

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Which Topaz shape is best for Astrology?
The oval, or intense, shape is ideal for the more aggressive personalities in life. The deep yellow color is a reflection of Earth and signifies ones work ethic, while the smooth texture serves as a reminder to be gentle with oneself.

What metal recomment for Topaz Ring?
"For a beautiful, bold and classic look, topaz is the perfect choice. This stone will last forever and can be worn with almost any jewelry whether it is silver or gold."

Are all Yellow Topaz is real in you website?
We sell natural and real yellow topaz. We put our gems through a professional testing company to verify its characteristics. You can have confidence in purchasing from us because we stand behind our products 100%.

Who can wear Yellow Topaz?

Anyone who has a joyous and positive outlook on life can wear Yellow Topaz. Yellow Topaz gemstone astrology is best suited to people born under the month of April. If you fall in this category, Yellow Topaz can do wonders for you. It will bring positivity and energy back in your life and make you happy once again. You will be able to achieve your goals in life with the help of Yellow Topaz.

Benefits of Yellow Topaz?

Yellow topaz is an amazingly beautiful gemstone. Not only does it sparkle and shine like not other but it also has powerful healing properties that can help heal many different issues and conditions. Yellow topaz also can be used to create amazing and beautiful jewelry. Yellow Topaz brings prosperity, good fortune and abundance to those who wear or carry it around them. Yellow topaz is the stone of love, friendship and loyalty. It is also known to stimulate creativity, joy and acceptance.