Natural Opal 3.30 CT – A Jewel of Celestial Beauty

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Natural Opal
Shape and cut : oval / Mixed
Weight : 3.30 carat
Measurement :16.70×8.75×3.44mm
Color :Creamy white
Transparency : Opaque

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Step into a realm where each moment is illuminated with the celestial beauty of our Natural Opal, weighing a harmonious 3.30 carats. This gemstone is a constellation captured in stone, with a spectrum of colors that dance in light and shadow, crafting a visual symphony of ethereal elegance.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Play-of-Color: Immerse yourself in the captivating display of colors—vivid purples, deep blues, and fiery oranges—that seamlessly blend and shift, mirroring the kaleidoscopic beauty of the cosmos.
  • Perfect Jewel Size: The 3.30 CT weight makes this opal an ideal centerpiece for any jewelry, offering a bold statement of beauty without overwhelming—a true mark of refinement and sophistication.
  • Versatile Elegance: Whether envisioned as the star of a minimalistic ring, a delicate pendant, or as part of an ensemble of gems in a lavish bracelet, this opal adapts, inspiring unique expressions of style.
  • Aura of Positivity: Opals are revered for their ability to infuse life with positivity, enhance personal growth, and clear pathways to immense emotional clarity and resilience, making this gem not just a treasure to behold, but to experience.

Embrace the transcendent allure of our Natural Opal 3.30 CT, a gem that not only captivates the eyes but also enriches the soul. It’s an embodiment of celestial wonder, destined for individuals who seek to express their elegance through timeless pieces of jewelry.


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