Unveil the Splendor of the 10.90 ct Natural Sapphire: A Jewel of Unrivaled Beauty

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Natural sapphire
Shape and cut : Cushion / Mixed
Weight  : 10.90 carat
Measurement : 12.47×12.11×7.22mm
Color : Blue
Transparency : Semi transparent

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Product Description:

Unveil the Splendor of the 10.90 ct Natural Sapphire: A Jewel of Unrivaled Beauty

Step into a world of unparalleled magnificence with our breathtaking 10.90 ct Natural Sapphire. This gemstone is a treasure trove of elegance, offering a striking display of color and brilliance that’s rare and coveted. With its majestic size and mesmerizing blue tones, it stands as a beacon of luxury and refinement.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 10.90 carats, presenting a bold statement of sophistication and grandeur, ideal for an exquisite centerpiece.
  • Color: Delve into the rich, enchanting blue that captures the essence of the sky at twilight, providing a captivating allure that’s both serene and profound.
  • Clarity: Boasting a pristine clarity that illuminates its natural beauty, this sapphire sparkles with a clarity that enhances its spellbinding allure.
  • Cut: Masterfully faceted to showcase its breathtaking brilliance and depth, ensuring every angle reveals a dance of light that’s absolutely entrancing.
  • Heritage: Each carat tells a story of geological marvel and the painstaking care that brought this natural wonder from the depths of the earth to you.


  • Durability and Longevity: Revered for its hardness, the sapphire promises a lasting legacy of beauty, ready to be passed down through the ages.
  • Investment Value: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this substantial sapphire represents a significant investment in timeless beauty.
  • Style Versatility: Its stately elegance makes it a perfect jewel for any setting, ensuring a dazzling presence in casual wear to the most formal attire.
  • Symbolism: Sapphires are symbols of wisdom, virtue, and good fortune, making this gemstone not just an accessory but a meaningful gift, teeming with positive energy.

Claim this exquisite 10.90 ct Natural Sapphire, a crowning jewel that’s designed to captivate, celebrate, and inspire.


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