Unleash the Magic Within with our Natural Sapphire 6.10 CT Gemstone


Natural   natural sapphire  Gemstone .
Shape and cut :  cushion / Mixed
Weight  6.10 Carat
Measurement :12.11×8.78×5.50 mm
Color : Yellowish Blue
Transparency : Transparent

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yellowish blue
yellowish blue


Dive into the enchanting depths of the universe and awaken the magic within with our Natural Sapphire 6.10 CT Gemstone. A gateway to extraordinary possibilities, this captivating gem possesses the power to unlock your inner spark and radiate a breathtaking mystique. Discover the remarkable benefits of this gemstone, empowering you to embrace your inner magic and shine with unparalleled beauty.

Immerse yourself in the cosmic energy of our natural sapphire gemstone, renowned for its ability to stimulate the throat chakra, enhance self-expression, and ignite a deep connection to the universe. Allow its mesmerizing vibrations to awaken your creativity, enhancing your communication skills and uncovering new realms of inspiration. Wear it as a symbol of magic and beauty, resonating with the cosmic forces and enchanting those around you with your irresistible allure.

With an exquisite weight of 6.10 carats, this natural sapphire gemstone commands attention with its radiant size and irresistible allure. Each facet is expertly cut to capture and reflect the gemstone’s natural brilliance, resulting in a stunning display of shimmering blue hues. Its alluring sapphire shade, reminiscent of a mystical midnight sky, exudes an air of elegance, enchantment, and captivating beauty.

Adorn yourself with our Natural Sapphire 6.10 CT Gemstone and unlock the magic that resides within you. Whether worn as a pendant, showcased in a ring, or cherished in a bracelet, this gemstone will elevate your style and become a cherished symbol of your inner sparkle and captivating beauty.

Let the allure of our Natural Sapphire 6.10 CT Gemstone awaken the magic within you and radiate your enchanting beauty. Embrace its cosmic energy to unlock new realms of creativity, communication, and inspiration. Unleash your inner magic and shine bright with the captivating beauty of this exquisite gemstone.

Note: Natural Sapphire refers to the authentic and untreated form of the gemstone, ensuring its natural beauty and energetic properties.


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