The 5.15 ct Natural Emerald

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Natural Emerald
Shape and cut :Oval/ mixed
Weight  :5.15 carat
Measurement :13.35×9.94×5.33mm
Color :Green
Transparency : Translucent

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Product Description:

Infuse Your Style with Nature’s Splendor: The 5.15 ct Natural Emerald – Luxury in Every Facet

Embark on a journey of sophistication and natural allure with our exquisite 5.15 ct Natural Emerald, where vibrancy meets luxury in each perfectly cut facet. This gemstone is not just an accessory; it is an emblem of nature’s perfection and aristocracy, cradled in an intensely rich green that whispers tales of deep forests and lush landscapes. Crystals often mirror their origins, and this emerald is a pure reflection of nature’s beauty at its most regal.

Key Features:

  • Robust Carat Weight: With a notable 5.15 carats, this emerald stands proudly amongst the elite gems, offering substantial weight and presence that make it a focal point of any jewel collection.
  • Rich Vibrant Green: The stone’s arresting shade of green is deep and poignant, synonymous with growth, renewal, and a flourishing spirit, making it a striking choice for any wardrobe.
  • Ethically Harvested: We ensure that our gemstones are responsibly sourced, maintaining an ethical pathway from the earth to your exquisite collection.
  • Precision Cutting: Shaped with meticulous accuracy, each angle of this emerald is crafted to maximize its brilliance and exhibit unmatched clarity and depth.


  • Symbol of Growth and Vitality: Traditionally, emeralds are believed to represent rejuvenation and eternal youth, making this gem a perfect metaphor for new beginnings and ambitious ventures.
  • Elevates Every Occasion: Whether it’s a casual meet-up or a lavish event, this emerald’s compelling hue enhances your look, ensuring you always leave a memorable impression.
  • Healing Properties: Known for their soothing energy, emeralds bring peace and calm to the wearer, ideal for navigating the complex tapestry of modern life.
  • Investment Piece: Beyond its immediate allure, this emerald serves as a magnificent investment, retaining value and significance that can transcend generations.

Celebrate the essence of nature and luxe with our 5.15 ct Natural Emerald, and let every gaze upon it be a reminder of the enchantment that jewelry can bring into your life.


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