The 3.65 ct Natural Emerald – Radiance Redefined

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Natural Emerald
Shape and cut :Octagon / mixed
Weight  : 3.65 carat
Measurement :10.47×8.23×5.13mm
Color :Green
Transparency :  semi Transparent

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Product Description:

Elevate Your Essence: The 3.65 ct Natural Emerald – Radiance Redefined

Experience the perfect fusion of splendor and poise with our 3.65 ct Natural Emerald, a gemstone that truly redefines luxury. This magnificent creation of the earth is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s an emblem of sophistication, offering a captivating green glow that resonates with the vibrancy of life. Embrace this treasure as it gracefully adorns, enhancing every moment with its distinctive charm and character.

Key Features:

  • Regal Carat Weight: The substantial 3.65 carats mark this as a statement piece, capable of capturing attention and invoking admiration.
  • Entrancing Green Luster: Immerse yourself in the deep, lush green of this emerald, echoing the forests and signifying a wellspring of life’s richness.
  • Conscientiously Curated: Extracted with the highest ethical standards, this emerald not only glistens with beauty but also with integrity.
  • Precision Cut Brilliance: Artfully crafted by skilled artisans, the precision cut of this gemstone ensures an impeccable reflection and refraction of light.


  • Prestige and Grace: With its inherent elegance, this emerald serves not just as an addition to your wardrobe but as a testament to your refined taste.
  • Style Chameleon: Versatile and grand, this gemstone is suitable for a diverse array of settings, complementing any ensemble with its natural allure.
  • Harmony and Healing: This emerald is said to possess soothing qualities, promoting emotional well-being and acting as a catalyst for rejuvenation.
  • Enduring Legacy: A treasure among treasures, this emerald is an investment in lasting legacy, poised to become a cherished heirloom for the generations to come.

Let this 3.65 ct Natural Emerald be a harmonious extension of your unique spirit and style, bringing an everlasting light into your life.


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