The 18K Gold 6.34 CT Necklace Adorned with Majestic Natural Diamonds

Original price was: ₹415,789.00.Current price is: ₹359,038.00.

  • Color/Clarity : IJ/S1
  • Gold Purity : 18K
  • Gross Weight : 26.868Grams
  • Net Weight : 25.6 Grams
  • Diamond Weight : 6.34Carat
  • Shipping Time: 7 to 8 Days

Gross Weight:- 26.868gram
Net Weight:- 25.6gram
Gold Purity:-18K
Gold Price:-Rs.145460(1744.74$)
Diamond Weight:-6.34ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.177520(2129.29$)
Total Price:-Rs.348580(4181.10$)
Grand Total:-Rs.359038(4306.54$)

  • Eternal Brilliance, Assured: Luminous Legacy with Forever Value Guarantee—100% Gold & 70% Diamond Buy-Back, Excluding Making Charges
  • NOTE:-The price of gold can fluctuate from day to day due to various factors such as market demand and supply, global economic conditions, geopolitical events, central bank policies, market speculation, and currency fluctuations. These factors contribute to the constant monitoring and analysis required by investors and traders in the precious metals market
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Unveil the Essence of Exquisite Elegance with Golden Symphony: The 18K Gold 6.34 CT Necklace Adorned with Majestic Natural Diamonds

Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled luxury and distinctive glamour with the Golden Symphony necklace, a masterful creation that transcends mere accessory to become a symbol of prestige and unparalleled beauty. Each element of this exquisite piece is a testament to superior craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection, promising not just an adornment, but an experience that enriches your very presence.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

This necklace is meticulously crafted from the finest 18K gold, its luster setting the perfect stage for the true stars: the majestic natural diamonds that adorn its length. With a total carat weight of 6.34 CT, each diamond is carefully selected and expertly placed, creating a seamless river of light that dances and captivates, drawing all eyes to you. The Golden Symphony isn’t just worn; it’s borne with grace, elevating every moment into a grand occasion.

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Splendor

With an impeccable blend of traditional elegance and contemporary design, the Golden Symphony necklace promises versatility that is unmatched. Whether it’s the centerpiece of your evening attire or the luxurious final touch to your daywear, this necklace moves with you, enhancing every outfit. Its design speaks of ageless beauty, ensuring that it remains a cherished piece of your collection for generations to come.

A Symphony of Sparkles That Tells Your Story

Each diamond in the Golden Symphony necklace is more than a jewel; it’s a storyteller, reflecting the myriad facets of your life and personality. Like you, each stone is unique, yet together they create a harmony that is both bold and elegant. This necklace isn’t just an accessory; it’s a personal statement, a reflection of the depth and complexity of your individuality.

An Investment in Beauty and Value

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Golden Symphony necklace stands as a wise investment. Diamonds and gold are not only timeless in their appeal but also in their value. This necklace secures a place for you in the realm of those who appreciate the true worth of luxurious finery, ensuring that its value, both personal and financial, is everlasting.

A Gift of Unsurpassed Magnificence

Whether as a gift to yourself or to someone extraordinary in your life, the Golden Symphony necklace is unmatched. It comes as a promise of enduring love, an emblem of achievement, or a symbol of appreciation that communicates depth beyond words. It is, in every sense, a treasure.

Embrace the Golden Symphony, where elegance is eternal, and luxury knows no bounds. Unlock the door to a world where your presence is not just noted, but celebrated. Experience the pinnacle of opulent beauty and grace today.


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