6.55 Carat Natural Neelam Gemstone ( Blue Sapphire Ratna)

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Neelam is a type of sapphire that is found in Shri lanka, India. The color of neelam gemstones varies from light blue to deep blue and even purple. The most sought after color is a dark blue with a slight greenish tint, but all colors are considered to be valuable and rare. Neelam has been used for thousands of years in jewelry making because it’s durable and strong; it can withstand heat, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation damage (UV) and other environmental factors that would damage other types of gems like diamonds or rubies.

The price of natural unheated untreated neelam gemstone depends on the size, shape and quality of the stone. The larger the size of your gemstone is, the higher its cost will be. You can also expect to pay more for a round cut than an oval cut or pear shaped one.
The quality of your stone will also affect how much you pay for it; if it has no flaws at all then you’ll need to pay more than someone who has found one with some minor imperfections in it (e.g., a small inclusion).

Neelam is a member of the corundum family and is quite durable. It’s not as hard as sapphire, but it can still be scratched by harder gems such as diamonds. Neelam should be cared for in much the same way as other precious stones: warm water and a soft cloth are best for cleaning your Neelam gemstone. Avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners on this stone!
If you’re storing your Neelam in an open setting, store it away from direct sunlight or heat sources like hot water pipes or radiators.

If you’re looking to buy a natural unheated untreated Neelam gemstone, it’s important to know that there are many factors that affect the value of your purchase. The first thing to look at when choosing your stone is its color and saturation levels. The second thing is asking your jeweler about their return policy if something goes wrong with the stone after purchase.

There are many myths about natural unheated untreated Neelam gemstone. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones:

  • It’s not a real gemstone. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about this beautiful blue sapphire, which is actually found in India and Sri Lanka.
  • Only certain people can wear it because they have special powers or something like that! This may be true for some other types of jewelry but not for Neelams; anyone can wear them with pride!

There are two types of Natural Unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone:
Type 1: This type has a blue color with a slight green tint to it. It is mostly found in Kashmir and some other parts of India, such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir. The color of this stone ranges from light to dark blue with different shades in between.
Type 2: This type has a darker shade than Type 1 because it contains more iron oxide than chromium oxide which gives it its dark blue coloration. It can also be found in Kashmir but not as commonly as Type 1 stones do; hence they are more expensive due to their rarity!

What Are the Different Cut Styles of Natural Unheated Untreated Neelam Gemstone?

Round-cut gemstones are the most popular and traditional cut style. The stone is shaped like a circle, with facets on the top and bottom. When you look at it from above, you can see that it looks like an onion cut in half. This type of cut allows for maximum light refraction and reflection, making the stone sparkle more than other cuts do.
Princess or cushion cuts are also very common because they’re easy to set in jewelry pieces–for example, if you want to make earrings out of your natural untreated neelam gemstone (blue sapphire ratna), this would be one way to do it! Princess cuts are similar to round-cuts except that instead of having flat sides all around them like round gems do, these have pointed edges all around them instead which gives them more sparkle than round gems have when they reflect light back out into your eyes while wearing them as jewelry pieces.”

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Certificate Type

G.I.I. India

Stone Type

Blue Sapphire

Stone Shape


Stone Weight

5Cts to 7Cts

Stone Color


Stone Cut





Sri Lanka

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Who can wear Blue Sapphire?

You can wear blue sapphire for any purpose according to your astrological sign. Blue sapphire is beneficial for every sign of zodiac but depending on the personal effect, wearing a particular type of blue sapphire is preferred by each person. The real value of this gem lies in its natural color, which is usually dark Blue, Light blue and Greenish blue . As far as your horoscope is concerned, you must know that it looks good on those people who have their sun sign in Gemini, Virgo and Aries.

Procedure To Wear Neelam Stone
Day of Wearing : Saturday
Metal for Wearing : Silver or White Gold
Finger for Wearing : Middle Finger
Mantra For Wearing : Aum Sham Shanaish-charaaye Namah.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire?

Blue sapphire, who is a very helpful stone, is often used in astrological benefit. It helps to increase peace and calmness in a person. Blue sapphire also protects you against evil spirits, and evil people by reducing the negative energy around you. This stone also helps you reduce your stress level and become more focused during stressful situations.

Blue sapphire Origin?

The blue sapphire originates in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, two of the world's largest producers of this beautiful gemstone. Blue sapphires are available in many colors ranging from sky blue to violet-blue to peacock blues. The color they acquire depends upon the presence of trace elements such as iron and titanium.