4.93 Carat Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire with Lab Certified


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Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire are a rare, intense blue color. They’re also known as “Cornelian” and the name comes from the country Sri Lanka where they were first discovered. The intense blue of these gems is due to their high concentration of iron oxide, which gives them their unique hue. The price of natural blue sapphire depends on the size and certification level. For example, a 1 carat gemstone that is certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) will cost more than an uncertified one. Cleaning your natural Ceylon blue sapphire is simple. Use warm water and mild detergent to clean it, then dry with soft brush. Store away from direct sunlight and heat sources as these can damage the stone’s color over time.

To choose the right natural Ceylon blue sapphire, you should:

  • Check the color and clarity of the gemstone.
  • Ask about the return policy.
  • Check for imperfections such as cracks or fractures in its structure.

There are two types of natural Ceylon blue sapphires:

  • Type 1: Light to dark blue
  • Type 2: Darker shade

What Are the Different Cut Styles of Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire?

The round cut is the most popular shape for sapphires, and it’s also the easiest to identify. It’s a simple, symmetrical shape that looks like a tear drop with rounded edges. The size of your stone will determine how large or small it looks in comparison to other stones in your jewelry piece.
Cushion or Princess Cut
This is another common shape for sapphires, but unlike round ones they have more depth and dimension than their flat counterparts. Cushion cuts are good if you want something that can show off more color than typical round stones without being too large on your finger (or wrist). Emerald Cut
Emeralds are known for their deep green color–and this applies even when we’re talking about blue gems! If you’re looking for something extra special then consider getting yourself some real Ceylon Sapphires from Sri Lanka because these babies come in all sorts of different hues including yellowish green tones as well as vibrant blues like those found here at Natural Sapphire Company where we specialize in providing high quality gemstones sourced directly from artisanal miners throughout Asia Pacific region including Thailand Burma Indonesia Vietnam Cambodia Laos Myanmar Maldives Sri Lanka Indonesia Papua New Guinea Vanuatu Solomon Islands Tuvalu Kiribati Marshall Islands Nauru Wake Atoll Kiribati Palau Marshall Islands Micronesia Federated States Of Micronesia Guam American Samoa Northern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico Virgin Islands.

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Certificate Type


Stone Type

Blue Sapphire

Stone Shape


Stone Weight

3Cts to 5Cts

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Sri Lanka


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Who can wear Blue Sapphire?

You can wear blue sapphire for any purpose according to your astrological sign. Blue sapphire is beneficial for every sign of zodiac but depending on the personal effect, wearing a particular type of blue sapphire is preferred by each person. The real value of this gem lies in its natural color, which is usually dark Blue, Light blue and Greenish blue . As far as your horoscope is concerned, you must know that it looks good on those people who have their sun sign in Gemini, Virgo and Aries.

Procedure To Wear Neelam Stone
Day of Wearing : Saturday
Metal for Wearing : Silver or White Gold
Finger for Wearing : Middle Finger
Mantra For Wearing : Aum Sham Shanaish-charaaye Namah.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire?

Blue sapphire, who is a very helpful stone, is often used in astrological benefit. It helps to increase peace and calmness in a person. Blue sapphire also protects you against evil spirits, and evil people by reducing the negative energy around you. This stone also helps you reduce your stress level and become more focused during stressful situations.

Blue sapphire Origin?

The blue sapphire originates in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, two of the world's largest producers of this beautiful gemstone. Blue sapphires are available in many colors ranging from sky blue to violet-blue to peacock blues. The color they acquire depends upon the presence of trace elements such as iron and titanium.