Natural Amethyst 9.66 CT Gemstone


Natural  Amethyst Gemstone .
Shape and cut : oval / Mixed
Weight  :9.66 Carat
Measurement :14.50×11.67×9.36 mm
Color : purple
Transparency : Transparent
Specific Gravity : 1.560

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Embark on a journey of elevated beauty and inner radiance with our Natural Amethyst 9.66 CT Gemstone. Imbued with nature’s exquisite artistry, this captivating gem embodies a sense of empowerment and enchantment that will illuminate your soul. Discover the transformative benefits of this gemstone, empowering you to shine with unparalleled brilliance and grace.

Unleash the potent energy of our natural amethyst gemstone, renowned for its ability to amplify inner strength, foster emotional balance, and enhance spiritual awareness. Let its gentle yet powerful vibrations wash over you, soothing your mind and uplifting your spirit. Wear it as a talisman to radiate confidence, clarity, and a deep connection to your inner wisdom.

At an impressive weight of 9.66 carats, this natural amethyst gemstone commands attention with its striking size and breathtaking allure. Each facet is expertly cut to capture the gemstone’s natural luminosity and clarity, resulting in a kaleidoscope of light and color. Its regal purple hue, symbolizing royalty and sophistication, exudes a sense of elegance and poise.

Adorn yourself with our Natural Amethyst 9.66 CT Gemstone and witness the transformation it brings. Whether worn as a pendant, showcased in a ring, or draped in a glamorous necklace, this gemstone will elevate any ensemble and become a cherished symbol of your inner glow and empowerment.

Let the beauty of our Natural Amethyst 9.66 CT Gemstone ignite your inner fire and illuminate your path. Embrace its transformative energy to elevate your spirit, radiate confidence, and exude a timeless elegance that sets you aglow with unparalleled grace and beauty.

Note: Natural Amethyst refers to the authentic and untreated form of the gemstone, ensuring its natural beauty and energetic properties.


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