Ethereal elegance: 18k 1.450ct lab-grown diamond bracelet

Original price was: ₹79,125.00.Current price is: ₹69,128.00.

  • Color/Clarity : DEF/VVS
  • Gold Purity : 18K
  • Gross Weight :5.05 Grams
  • Net Weight : 4.760Grams
  • Diamond Weight : 58/1.450 Carat

    • Gross Weight:- 5.05gram
    •  Net Weight:- 4.760gram
    •  Gold Purity:-18K
    •  Gold Price:-Rs.26104
    •  Diamond Weight:-58/1.450ct
    •  Diamond Price:-Rs.36250
    •  Making:-Rs.4760
    •  Total Price:-Rs.67114
    •  GST:-3%
    •  Grand Total:-Rs.69128
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Presenting our charismatic 18k 1.450ct Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet, aptly named “Ethereal Elegance” – an exceptional masterpiece of contemporary sophistication enthused with enduring charm.

This 1.450ct bracelet is adorned with stunning lab-grown diamonds, reflecting a commitment to both ethical and environmental responsibility. These eye-catching diamonds deliver the same radiance and dazzle as mined diamonds – serving as a stand-out symbol of sustainable luxury. Every stone stands as a testament to our dedication to preserving the environment, contributing to the allure of this beautiful piece.

The ethereal elegance of this bracelet is enhanced by its 18k gold setting, offering the perfect fusion of robust endurance and timeless appeal. This gold setting ensures a radiant and fresh look that resists tarnishing, maintaining its exceptional brilliance for years to come. The meticulously organized diamonds effortlessly catch the light, enveloping your wrist in splendid sparkle and glow.

The unique design of “Ethereal Elegance” 18k 1.450ct diamond bracelet perfectly complements any outfit, effortlessly elevating your style whether you’re heading to a glamorous event or a casual gathering.

Present this bracelet as an unforgettable gift that marks a special milestone or as a personal symbol of achievement. More than just a luxurious accessory, it’s a stunning token of radiant memories and golden moments.

Embrace the enchanting presence of our Ethereal Elegance: 18k 1.450ct Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet. Walk into any room with undeniable glamour and sublime confidence, knowing you’re wearing a slice of the post-modern era’s finest jewelry masterpiece.


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