Eternal Love: Unisex Special Love Heart Necklace in 14K Gold

Original price was: ₹1,357,899.00.Current price is: ₹1,127,418.00.

  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  •  Diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •  Diamond weight:- 30 c t
  •  Gold weight in Purity- 14k 120gm
  • Shipping Day :- 8-9 Day

Gross Weight:- 126gram
Net Weight:-120gram
Gold Price:-Rs.524580
Diamond Weight:-30 CT
Diamond Price:-Rs.450000
Total Price:-Rs.1094580
Grand Total:-Rs.1127418

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Celebrate an unbreakable bond and the timeless beauty of love with the Eternal Love Unisex Special Love Heart Necklace. Cast in the warmth of 14K gold, this exquisite piece captures the essence of love’s enduring strength and the gentle whisper of eternal commitment.

Symbol of Everlasting Bond: The heart, an eternal symbol of love and affection, is reimagined in this elegant piece, offering a cherished token to those who hold love close. Crafted with precision, the necklace serves as a reminder of love that transcends time and space, a love that is everlasting.

Crafted with Passion for All: This unisex necklace breaks barriers, designed to celebrate love in all its forms. Its versatile and gender-neutral design makes it a perfect emblem of affection for anyone, regardless of age or gender, embracing the universal language of love.

Elegance in Simplicity: The true beauty of love lies in its simplicity and strength – a philosophy mirrored in the design of this necklace. Its sleek, understated elegance ensures it complements any outfit, making it an ideal accessory for everyday wear or special occasions alike.

A Gift of Heartfelt Sentiment: Whether it’s an expression of self-love, a romantic gift, or a token of appreciation for a dear friend, the Eternal Love necklace transcends traditional gifting norms. It captures the depth of your emotions and conveys a message of heartfelt sentiment, making it an unforgettable gift.

Enduring Craftsmanship: Embodying the permanence of love, this necklace is a testament to lasting craftsmanship. The 14K gold promises durability and a timeless shine, ensuring that like your love, it too will stand the test of time.

Wear Your Heart with Pride: The Eternal Love necklace allows you to wear your heart not just on your sleeve, but elegantly around your neck. It’s a bold and beautiful statement of love’s power, resilience, and eternal glow.

Connect with Love’s Infinite Journey: Embark on an infinite journey of love with the Eternal Love Unisex Special Love Heart Necklace. Let this 14K gold masterpiece be a beacon of your love’s undying flame, illuminating the path of your shared future with its radiant glow.



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