5.21 Carat Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire with Lab Certified

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The beauty and value of this 5.21 carat natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire is truly remarkable. The rarity of a gemstone of this size makes it an extremely valuable piece, but its beauty is what makes it so special. The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is a natural gemstone that has been around for centuries. It was first discovered in Sri Lanka, which is where it gets its name. The name “Sri Lanka” means “resplendent island.”
The Ceylon Blue Sapphire has been admired by people all over the world for its beauty and value since ancient times. In fact, there are many beliefs about this gemstone that have been passed down through generations of people who lived on the island where it was found: The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is said to bring good luck when worn as an amulet or talisman (an object used for protection). People also believe that wearing one will help them find love and happiness in their lives–and even prevent illness!

The Beauty of the Ceylon Blue Sapphire

The Neelam is a unique type of sapphire that has a high refractive index and strong dispersion. These properties give it an unmatched beauty and value, making it one of the most sought-after gems in the world today.
The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is also known as “pigeon’s blood” because of its deep red coloration–like that of a pigeon’s blood! This name comes from its close relation to another popular gemstone called corundum (or ruby). Corundum itself comes in three different varieties: ruby, sapphire, and emerald; each named after their respective colors: red; blue/green; yellow/greenish-blue respectively. The Ceylon Blue Sapphire falls into this category alongside other famous corundum varieties like Kashmiri sapphires which are mined exclusively from mines located near Mount Everest

The Value of the Neelam

The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is one of the most rare and valuable sapphires in the world. This type of sapphire has a unique color that comes from an impurity in its crystal structure, which causes it to appear bluish-gray or violet when cut correctly. The color can vary depending on how much iron is present in the stone and where it’s mined; some may also have an orange tint at their core.
The rarity of these gems means that they’re often priced higher than other types of natural gems like rubies or emeralds–but what exactly makes them so valuable? There are several factors that influence how much money you’d pay for this 5.21 carat Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire:

Caring for the Neelam

  • Store the gemstone in a cool, dry place.
  • Clean the gemstone with a soft cloth.
  • Wear the gemstone as often as you’d like!



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Blue Sapphire

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5Cts to 7Cts

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Sri Lanka


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Who can wear Blue Sapphire?

You can wear blue sapphire for any purpose according to your astrological sign. Blue sapphire is beneficial for every sign of zodiac but depending on the personal effect, wearing a particular type of blue sapphire is preferred by each person. The real value of this gem lies in its natural color, which is usually dark Blue, Light blue and Greenish blue . As far as your horoscope is concerned, you must know that it looks good on those people who have their sun sign in Gemini, Virgo and Aries.

Procedure To Wear Neelam Stone
Day of Wearing : Saturday
Metal for Wearing : Silver or White Gold
Finger for Wearing : Middle Finger
Mantra For Wearing : Aum Sham Shanaish-charaaye Namah.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire?

Blue sapphire, who is a very helpful stone, is often used in astrological benefit. It helps to increase peace and calmness in a person. Blue sapphire also protects you against evil spirits, and evil people by reducing the negative energy around you. This stone also helps you reduce your stress level and become more focused during stressful situations.

Blue sapphire Origin?

The blue sapphire originates in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, two of the world's largest producers of this beautiful gemstone. Blue sapphires are available in many colors ranging from sky blue to violet-blue to peacock blues. The color they acquire depends upon the presence of trace elements such as iron and titanium.