Celestial Spark: 14K Gold Earrings with 2.1ct Lab-Grown Diamonds

Original price was: ₹91,499.00.Current price is: ₹81,422.00.

  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  •  Diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •  Diamond weight:- 2.1ct
  •  Gold weight in Purity-14k 1.03g

Gross Weight:- 1.45gram
Net Weight:- 1.03gram
Gold Purity:-14K
Gold Price:-Rs.4520
Diamond Weight:-2.1ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.73500
Total Price:-Rs.79050
Grand Total:-Rs.81422

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Discover unparalleled elegance with our stunning 14K Gold Earrings, adorned with 2.1ct lab-grown diamonds that redefine luxury and sustainability. These exquisite earrings are meticulously crafted to showcase the brilliant sparkle and clarity of lab-grown diamonds, offering an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mined diamonds.

Each diamond is carefully selected and set in lustrous 14K gold, embodying timeless beauty and contemporary craftsmanship. The 2.1ct combined weight of the diamonds ensures a breathtaking display of light and color, making these earrings a captivating choice for any occasion.

Benefits Include:

  • Eco-Friendly Luxury: Embrace sustainable elegance with lab-grown diamonds that reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality or beauty.
  • Exceptional Quality: Our lab-grown diamonds are crafted to perfection, meeting strict standards of clarity, color, and cut, resulting in extraordinary brilliance and fire.
  • Timeless Design: The classic setting in 14K gold complements the stunning diamonds, creating a versatile piece that transcends trends and seasons.
  • Hypoallergenic Comfort: Crafted with high-quality 14K gold, these earrings are gentle on sensitive skin, ensuring comfortable wear from day to night.
  • Perfect Gift: Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting, these earrings are an unforgettable present for special occasions, symbolizing eternal love and commitment.

Elevate your wardrobe with these exquisite 14K Gold Earrings featuring 2.1ct lab-grown diamonds. Experience the essence of modern luxury while making a positive impact on the world.


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