5.94 CT Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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Natural blue sapphire
Shape and cut :oval /mixed
Weight : 5.94 carat
Measurement :11.81×10.57×4.91 mm
Color :  Blue
Transparency :  Semi Transparent

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Experience the Allure of the Ocean with Our 5.94 CT Natural Blue Sapphire

Immerse yourself in the deep, enchanting blue of our exquisite 5.94 carat natural blue sapphire. This magnificent gemstone offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the heart of the ocean, capturing the serene beauty and profound depths of the waters. With its rich, velvety hues, this blue sapphire is a treasure trove of elegance, ready to captivate and adorn with unmatched grace.

Crafted by the Earth and refined for sophistication, this sapphire boasts an unparalleled clarity and vibrant color saturation that radiates from every angle. The gemstone’s significant size ensures it stands out, making it the perfect centerpiece for any high-end jewelry piece – be it a statement ring, a pendant, or a pair of luxury earrings.

Beyond its breathtaking beauty, the 5.94 CT natural blue sapphire carries a legacy of wisdom, nobility, and truth. Revered throughout history for its protective properties and ability to bring harmony and peace, this gemstone is not only an ornament but also a beacon of positive energy and profound psychological benefits.

Embrace the opportunity to own or gift a piece of natural wonder. This blue sapphire is not just an investment in fine jewelry; it’s an investment in a piece of the eternal, promising timeless elegance and a spectrum of positive virtues.


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