5.65 ct Natural Coral Gemstone

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Natural Coral
Shape and cut :Oval / mixed
Weight  :5.65 carat
Measurement : 14.95×11.09×4.69 mm
Color :  Red
Transparency : Opaque

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Product Description:

Embrace Oceanic Splendor with Our 5.65 ct Natural Coral: A Lustrous Beacon of Marine Majesty

Dive into the epitome of coastal elegance with our exquisite 5.65 ct Natural Coral, a gemstone that radiates with the life force of the sea. This natural marvel captures the imagination, infusing your personal style with a hint of the ocean’s enigmatic power. The notable weight and striking hue make it an ideal centerpiece that wraps the mystique of the deep blue around your finger, neck, or wrist.

Key Features:

  • Substantial Presence: The impressive 5.65 ct size ensures this coral stands out as a focal point of sophistication and splendor, never going unnoticed.
  • Vivacious Color Palette: Inspired by the vibrant life beneath the waves, the coral exhibits a captivating color that is both refreshing and enchanting.
  • Sustainably Procured: Each gemstone is responsibly sourced, echoing our dedication to protect the seas and the life that calls it home.
  • Artistic Refinement: Expertly shaped to showcase its innate patterns, this coral is hand-finished to a brilliant sheen, capturing the essence of artisanal beauty.


  • Elevated Mental Clarity: Revered for its metaphysical properties, coral is believed to encourage mental focus and foster inner peace.
  • Fashionably Flexible: The allure of this coral transcends trends, offering a timeless accessory that complements a multitude of styles, from avant-garde to classic chic.
  • Cultural Resonance: Wearing this gemstone connects you to a legacy of adornment that spans the globe and ages, infusing your look with depth and story.
  • Enduring Craftsmanship: Designed to last, the durable composition of this coral ensures lasting brilliance and a continual reminder of the ocean’s everlasting beauty.

Adorn yourself with our 5.65 ct Natural Coral and carry with you the essence of the sea—its fluid grace, its boundless mystery, and its natural splendor.


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