5.61 CT Natural Yellow Gemstone

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Natural Yellow  sapphire
Shape and cut :Cushion /mixed
Weight : 5.61 carat
Measurement :12.31×9.55×4.60mm
Color : Yellow
Transparency : Semi Transparent

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Product Description:

Golden Splendor: Our 5.61 CT Natural Yellow Gemstone

Embrace the heart of sunlight with our exquisite 5.61 carat natural yellow gemstone, a resplendent tribute to the golden hour. This jewel’s vibrant, canary hue is a treasure that incites the same awe and warmth as a sunbeam breaking through the morning mist. Hand-selected for its superior clarity and captivating color, the gem radiates a glow that is both soothing and spirited, perfect for those who seek to harmonize elegance with vitality.

Crafted into a remarkable 5.61 carats, this yellow gemstone is a symbol of opulence and allure. Its size and brilliance pave the way for an array of luxurious designs, ensuring that whether it graces a bold cocktail ring or a delicate pendant, it will draw every eye and complement every gesture with a dance of light.

The gemstone’s color is not its only gift; yellow is known for its rich symbolism of joy, happiness, and intellect. Revered for its capacity to inspire confidence and stimulate clear thought processes, wearing this gem becomes an empowering experience. It enriches the spirit with an impression of enthusiasm and encourages the flow of creative ideas.

Adorning yourself with our 5.61 CT natural yellow gemstone is more than a statement of fashion; it’s an embrace of life’s luminous moments and a celebration of exuberant well-being.


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