4.90 ct Natural Coral gemstone

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Natural Coral
Shape and cut :Oval / Mixed
Weight  : 4.90 carat
Measurement : 15.54×6.94×5.45 mm
Color : Red
Transparency : Opaque

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Product Description:

Unearth the Vibrant Splendor of Our 4.90 ct Natural Coral: A Gemstone Alive with Warmth and Beauty

Step into a world bathed in the glow of our radiant 4.90 ct Natural Coral gemstone. This magnificent jewel, ripe with the essence of oceanic treasures and the dance of sunlight beneath the waves, offers a unique charm that transcends the ordinary. With its organic warmth and inviting hue, this coral piece is not just a gemstone, but a beacon of nature’s unparalleled artistry.

Key Features:

  • Captivating Carat Weight: The commanding 4.90-carat weight of this coral makes it a robust and eye-catching choice for any jewelry setting.
  • Enthralling Color: Soaked in a rosy orange-red palette, this natural coral evokes the breathtaking beauty of tropical sunsets, imbuing your everyday with a burst of color.
  • Natural Origin: Sourced from the depths of pristine oceans, each facet of this natural coral tells a story of purity and the enchanting mysteries of the sea.
  • Artisanal Cut: Carefully sculpted to showcase its natural beauty, the coral’s cut highlights its organic structure and maximizes its appeal.


  • Aura of Positivity: Coral is not just visually stunning but is also believed to radiate positive energy, fostering the well-being and enthusiasm of the wearer.
  • Timeless Elegance: While trends come and go, the organic elegance of coral ensures that this gemstone remains a timeless addition to any jewelry connoisseur’s collection.
  • Stylish Versatility: Perfect for both casual and formal wear, the 4.90 ct Natural Coral adds a touch of sophistication that complements a variety of styles and occasions.
  • Heritage and Harmony: Revered for centuries as a stone of peace and transformation, natural coral is said to promote harmony and a strong sense of history.

Delight in the warm embrace of our 4.90 ct Natural Coral, a gem that not only enhances fashion but also nourishes the soul with its inherent vibrancy and life-affirming properties.


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