14K Gold Studs with 2.03ct Lab-Grown Diamonds

Original price was: ₹89,475.00.Current price is: ₹79,143.00.

  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  •  Diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •  Diamond weight:- 2.03ct
  •  Gold weight in Purity- 14k 1.074g

Gross Weight:- 1.48gram
Net Weight:- 1.074gram
Gold Purity:-14K
Gold Price:-Rs.4713
Diamond Weight:-2.03ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.71050
Total Price:-Rs.76837
Grand Total:-Rs.79143

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Revel in the sophisticated allure of our 14K Gold Studs, showcasing dazzling 2.03ct lab-grown diamonds. These elegantly crafted earrings blend timeless glamour with sterling ethics, giving you a piece that is as responsible as it is luxurious.

Striking lab-grown diamonds sit at the heart of each earring, matching the chemical and optical properties of their natural counterparts, while being kinder to our planet. Expertly set in rich, lustrous 14K gold, they bring a versatile charm that deepens their appeal and ensures they’ll never go out of style.

Key Benefits of Choosing These Stunning Studs:

  • Sustainable Elegance: Our lab-grown diamonds offer a mindful alternative, promoting environmental conservation without ever compromising on beauty or quality.
  • Unrivalled Brilliance: With a total carat weight of 2.03ct, these stunning studs shine with a brilliance that rivals even the most exquisite mined diamonds.
  • Gold Standard: Crafted with high-quality, nickel-free 14K gold, these earrings are gentle on all skin types, including sensitive ones, allowing you to bask in effortless luxury.
  • Timeless Design: These classic gold studs provide a versatile aesthetic that complements any look, from casual wear to the most opulent evening attire.
  • Gift of Glamour: Beautifully packaged, these earrings make a thoughtful and impressive gift, perfect for celebrating special moments, signaling enduring relationships, or simply indulging yourself.

Enjoy the sheer elegance and ethical advantages of our 14K Gold Studs with 2.03ct lab-grown diamonds. Add a touch of sustainable luxury to your collection and illuminate your style with a clear conscience.


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