14K Gold Stud Earrings with 2.06ct Lab-Grown Diamond – Uniting Timeless Glamour and Ethical Choices

Original price was: ₹90,578.00.Current price is: ₹80,191.00.

  • Type of Diamond:- Lab grown Diamond
  •  Diamond Color/clarity:-  White FG VS1
  •  Diamond weight:- 2.06ct
  •  Gold weight in Purity- 14k 1.068ct

Gross Weight:- 1.48gram
Net Weight:- 1.068gram
Gold Purity:-14K
Gold Price:-Rs.4687
Diamond Weight:-2.06ct
Diamond Price:-Rs.72100
Total Price:-Rs.77855
Grand Total:-Rs.80191

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Experience the harmonious blend of luxe aesthetics and responsible sourcing with our 14K Gold Stud Earrings, magnificently festooned with a dazzling 2.06ct of lab-grown straight diamonds. With these earrings, you’re not just choosing a piece of jewelry but embracing a lifestyle of ethical luxury.

Transcendent Sparkle: Cradling a 1.03ct lab-grown diamond in each stud, these earrings illuminate unrivaled radiance. Expertly fashioned to mimic the highest-quality of earth-mined gems, these diamonds ensure that sustainable sourcing doesn’t compromise your sparkle.

Endless Charm of Gold: The rich, lustrous 14K gold setting serves as the perfect backdrop to these twinkling diamonds. Its classic appeal heightens the earrings’ shimmer, making this timeless piece an ideal accessory that enriches all styles and occasions.

Eco-Friendly Opulence: Discovered in a lab, not in a mine, these diamonds embody a new era of sustainable luxury. Their existence signifies an environmentally sensitive approach to enjoying luxury without the guilt often associated with traditional diamond mining.

Adaptive Allure: From everyday glamour to special occasion wear, these earrings offer the flexibility to enhance your beauty at all times. Their classic design and impactful shine put them as both a jewelry box essential and a conversation starter.

Treasure of Considerate Luxury: These earrings are a reflection of your commitment to aesthetic pleasure and ethical sustainability. Owning and wearing this piece sends a powerful message about the importance of aligning our fashion choices with our values.



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